The Block Channel 9 Renovation Show

Affectionately nicknamed Blocktimus Prime, Luke and Craig built this one of a kind piece for the terrace in Luke and Ebony’s apartment. It is a storage cabinet that holds four of our Shay stools when it is being used as a day bed and stores the cushins when used as a table or a bar.
The coolest feature of this piece, it is motorised and with the push of a button it instanly transforms

French Oak Feature Wall
Luke and Ebony created an awesome feature wall and ceiling using our 240mm wide French Oak Engineered Flooring.

The Ebony Table

This amazing Table was created for Luke and Ebonys dining room on The Block.
This table is hand crafted from Recycled Blackbutt and has our own special stain to give it the look Ebony wanted for the space. It can easily seat 12 people and measures a whopping 3200mm x 1500mm so big it had to be craned into the fourth floor.

The Sandi Table

Our Sandi table was a big hit with the judges on the final room reveals for this season. Andy and Whitney came in second place behind Shay and Dean, losing by only half a point with 29.5, half a point from a perfect score