Tallowwood Timber Flooring and Decking


Tallowwood is found along Australia’s east coast and coastal ranges, between the Hunter River in New South Wales and the Maryborough district of Queensland. Featuring a natural sheen, colours range from near white to dark yellow-brown, with a tinge of olive green. The wood is moderately coarse in texture, with an interlocked grain that is usually free from gum veins.

Good resistance to surface checking when exposed to weather.

Common uses for Tallowwood are general construction, heavy engineering structures, sleepers, bridges, wharves, flooring (particularly dance floors), decking, cladding, window sills, cross-arms, poles, piles, cooling towers and parquetry.

Lyctid Susceptibility of Sapwood, Susceptible (source AS 5604)

Termite Resistance of Heartwood (inside above ground) Resistant (source AS 5604)

Marine Borer Resistance of Heartwood Class 3 (source AS 5604)

Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood Above Ground Class 1 (source AS 5604)

Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood In-Ground Contact Class 1 (source AS 5604)

Janka Rating 8.6