Karri Timber Flooring and Decking

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Karri, part of the Eucalyptus family, is native to Western Australia. Found in the southwest corner of the State, Karri grows rapidly and can attain enormous dimensions. It is one of the world’s tallest trees. The timber is a lively red, with overtones from pale pink to rich, red-browns. The texture is coarse, and considerable interlocking grain is sometimes present.

Common uses of Karri are General construction, flooring, panelling, structural plywood, shipbuilding, sleepers and parquetry.

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Lyctid Susceptibility of Sapwood Not susceptible (source AS 5604)

Termite Resistance of Heartwood (inside above ground) Not resistant (source AS 5604)

Marine Borer Resistance of Heartwood Class 4 (source AS 5604)

Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood Above Ground Class 2 (source AS 5604)

Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood In-Ground Contact Class 3 (source AS 5604)

Jannka Rating 9.0

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