Decking has become a popular design element of any home, providing a natural extension of interior living spaces to the outdoors. If you’ve not yet upgraded your outdoor space, and looking for a reason to do so. Just keep reading on… 

Decking creates an enjoyable outdoor entertaining or BBQ area, and a sunny space to enjoy a book or paper with a cup of your favourite coffee.

Timber decking can used as a pool surround, and is an excellent way of dealing with steep building sites by allowing you to extend your living area into a landscape that would otherwise have been unusable. You can even change the colour and tone of your deck by using one of the Cutek decking oil products, or by selecting different timbers to begin with.

Decking timbers can also be used to create attractive screens that can cover up what might otherwise have been an ugly view, or just to give you privacy from neighbours.

Add to your decking a pergola, and you have an area that can be used all year round.

We carry a large range of decking timbers including:

Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Jarrah, Stringybark, Silvertop Ash, Tallowwood and Karri. There is a range of size options available from 65mm x 19mm up to 190mm x 32mm, each one creating a unique look for your home.

At our Coburg showroom we have the largest, most extensive display of timber decking in Victoria. On display we have all of the commonly used species and the not so common.

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Choosing Decking is easy at Connollys


The size of the boards you choose will alter the amount of space required between each board when laying, a 65mm board requires a minimum 4mm gap, an 86mm to 90mm board requires a minimum 6mm gap, a 130mm to 140mm board requires a minimum 8mm gap, theses gaps are required to allow for adequate drainage, air flow and most importantly expansion and contraction of the timber.

Timber is a natural product that will expand in moist conditions and shrink in dry conditions. This is a fact! that can not be ignored. Do so at your own peril. Choose to embrace it and the pointers Im giving you and you should have a trouble free, stunning deck that will give many years of pleasure.

Give careful consideration to the ground under your decking, it should be a minimum of 400mm from the ground to the underside of the deck and should be open to allow ventilation. You should have excellent drainage, so water is never able to collect and remain under the deck, failure to do so will cause the timber to take up moisture and expand more than what would be considered normal. Imagine the timber being like a human that was fed fatty foods all day every day, the result is you would swell up and expand outwards, well it is no different for timber, constantly feed it water and it will grow, remove the source and it will shrink. Or do it right from the start and prevent it becoming a problem.


Before you lay the decking, oil the boards in there entirety at least once, top, bottom, sides and ends. Use only the best quality decking oils, we recommend the product CUTEK Extreme, using poor quality products will mean you will be stripping them off and reapplying something that works in a very short time, put simply cheap deck coatings and topical coatings just don’t work, they either dont offer any protection to the timber or they flake off. Topical coatings can not cope with the expansion and contraction of the timber and just tear away. You need something that penetrates into the timber and preserves the cell structure. Using the wrong product will only cost you time and money in the long run and shorten the life of your decking.


Screw your decking down, don’t use nails. Stainless steel screws wont rust and have ten times the holding power of a nail. Nails will inevitably work their way up and potentially slice your feet, at the very least your decking boards will become loose and you will need to punch them down again. After you have installed the decking apply another coat of oil. You should re-coat your deck at least once a year to keep it looking its best